The Opportunity for High Price Smartphones are Ending

The market for expensive Smartphone is shrinking even though the mobile phone market is expected to expand by over 5 percent to about 1.91 billion units by 2014 global research firm Gartner has said.

This huge growth is expected to come from mid- tier smart phones in mature markets and low-end Android smart phones in emerging markets, like India and China. The shift from high end to low end implicates that market is being driven by a shift to lower-priced devices in nearly all device categories.

The world’s biggest Smartphone market China will likely ship in more than 450 million devices in 2014, at least a quarter more than this year, research firm IDC said. China, a market dominated by Samsung Electronics Co Ltd and Lenovo Group Ltd, is expected to ship 120 million 4G-enabled smart phones to meet consumer demand for Internet connectivity.